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quakersOn Tuesday, March 11th, the Pennsylvania Quakers will travel to Princeton, New Jersey to take on the Tigers at Jadwin Gymnasium. Collegiate basketball fans should pay close attention to this contest. The teams featured in this game play a particular style of basketball that is rarely seen in other games. Both teams like to shoot a lot of three-point shots, so the scores often ascend to high levels. When these teams play each other, a dazzling display of shooting ability takes over. The crowds roar in anticipation from the action on the court. Don’t miss this exciting showdown of two Ivy League teams.


Pennsylvania’s best player, Tony Hicks, paves the wave for the rest of the team. Hicks, a sophomore guard, hits three-point shots at a good clip. He leads the team in scoring with 15.5 points per game. Hicks also passes as well as anyone on the team; he averages about three assists per game. Fran Dougherty, the team’s leading rebound man, aids Hicks in giving the Quakers a nice combination. Dougherty possesses a great body for collegiate hoops; he has a great combination of height, weight, and speed. Pennsylvania also features plenty of guys who are willing to take a jump shot if any opening becomes available. They often bury teams with their confidence in shooting beyond the arc. In order to defeat the Quakers, the Tigers will have to guard against the three-point shot as much as possible.


T.J. Bray commands the most attention on the Princeton Tigers. The senior guard shoots the three-point shot at an awesome rate. He averages 18.3 points per game to lead the team in scoring. Bray also confounds opponents with his adept passing abilities. He leads the team in assists also with an average per game of 5.1. Hans Brase enforces the painted area for the Tigers. The big sophomore forward leads the team with 5.6 rebounds per game. He also chips in to help with the scoring with 10.9 points per game. Brase sometimes commands double teams, and this opens up the floor for Bray and the other shooters to do their best work. The bench for the Tigers features tough, aggressive defenders and guys who can hit some shots when they are needed.

Key Battles

Tony Hicks vs. T.J. Bray. Bray scores the ball better and racks up more assists than Hicks, but Hicks plays better defense. Bray does not often face a perimeter defender the caliber of Hicks. Princeton will likely win the game if Bray gets going as early as possible. He is a rhythm shooter who can easily take over a game when he gets hot. Hicks, a great all-around player with many skills, must be on top of his game. He must play his best defense to keep Bray from exploding. Hicks will have to force Bray into committing some mistakes that lead to transition baskets the other way. Pennsylvania must run the floor and try to use their speed to their advantage if at all possible. This should be an exciting game within the game.

Hans Brase vs. Fran Dougherty. The two big men will battle for supremacy in the paint. If you’re looking to make a friendly wager, then you should support Brase. Brase is larger and has more physical ability than Dougherty. That doesn’t mean he can have his way with a skilled player all the time, but Dougherty doesn’t have the skills to match up with Brase. The Quakers will likely have to double team Brase, and that gives the shooters for Princeton ample space to hit some shots. You should check this game out to see what happens from these battles.

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