Did Las Vegas win money last year on Super Bowl XLVII

It’s time for the Super Bowl XLVIII Debate!

This weekend is the one time of year that everyone seems to have an opinion on sports, Super Bowl weekend.  Whether you’re a stock broker, construction worker, teacher, secretary, homemaker or an avid sports fan just about anyone and everyone you come in contact with will have an opinion of which team will be victorious this year and bring the coveted trophy and parade back to their home town.    This “tastes great” vs. “less filing” debate is so wide spread and deeply embedded in the culture that it brings Las Vegas to the forefront with betting lines and who is the favorite and by what margin.  All across the country squares games, office pools and friendly wagers are impacted by what the sharks in Vegas have to say about the game and which team should have the advantage.

How did Las Vegas do on the Super Bowl XLVII last year?

South Point Sportsbook in Las Vegas

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