The Complete List of 32 NFL Facebook Fan Pages

Here is the big list of all the NFL Facebook fan pages, someone asked for it and so I have put it together.  Right now the Dallas Cowboys are killing it on social media nearly a million likes more than the nearest competitor with more than 6 million likes on Facebook.

Next week I will have the complete list of all the MLB Facebook fan pages – so check back in.

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Arizona Cardinals

With well over 871,000 likes, the official Arizona Cardinals fan page is buzzing with talk of rookie season predictions, pre-season charity events and the 2014 Draft Class.

Atlanta Falcons

At over 1.5 million likes and counting, Atlanta fans have a laser focus on two things right now: RB Devonta Freeman and the groundbreaking new Atlanta Stadium.

Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore’s nearly two million Facebook fans really want to know what’s on Ray Rice’s mind following his domestic violence charges but are excited to see what Campanaro can learn from the newly acquired (and former Panther) Steve Smith.

Buffalo Bills

Newly drafted Bills players are treating their 586,000+ Facebook fans to an all-access look at their Rookie Tour while keeping up with Jim Kelly’s road to recovery from battling oral cancer.

Carolina Panthers

Carolina’s 1.2 million Facebook fans are closely watching rookie Tre Boston improve his game as the regular season draws near.

Chicago Bears

3.6 million, die-hard Chicago Bears fans are celebrating Brandon Marshall’s contract extension and keeping a close eye on the rookie class.

Cincinnati Bengals

Well over 900,000 Bengals Facebook fans are eager to see what AJ McCarron can bring to the team’s offense come game day.

Cleveland Browns

Even with the acquisitions of both Gilbert and Manziel, the majority of the Browns’ 860,000+ Facebook fans are still curious as to what GM Ray Farmer has up his sleeve this year.

Dallas Cowboys

With 6.7 million Facebook fans, the Cowboy Nation has a strong showing. Draft picks, rookie tours and summer camps are the main focuses for most fans right now.

Denver Broncos

2.9 million Denver Facebook fans can’t help but get excited over the three players who made the NFL’s “Top 100 Players of 2014”. Talib, Miller and Welker, to be exact.

Detroit Lions

Ndamukong Suh is a little shaky about his past, present and future with the Lions, but 1.4 million Lions fans still have faith in their Motor City team.

Green Bay Packers

4.2 million Packers Facebook fans may be confused as to why a QB wasn’t picked up in the Draft, but Clay Matthews cinching 77th best player in the NFL for 2014 doesn’t hurt.

Houston Texans

Over 1.5 million Texans fans couldn’t be more excited to have picked up South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney in the Draft. Now, they wait to see if/when he’ll get on the field.

Indianapolis Colts

Over 2 million Colts Facebook fans have mixed feelings about Robert Mathis’s suspension and they are not afraid to voice their opinion. Losing out the bid for the 2018 Super Bowl hasn’t been great news to hear, either.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Birthday celebrations, college Hall of Fame inductions and contract signings are at the forefront for over 400,000 Jaguars Facebook fans.

Kansas City Chiefs

1.15 million Chiefs fans are celebrating the signing of two defensive tackles and LB Derrick Thomas’s induction into the College Hall of Fame.

Miami Dolphins

1.7 million Facebook fans look on as the team signs 5th round pick, TE Arthur Lynch. The 2014 Rookie Class also treated the kids at Miami Norland Middle School to a day of fun in the sun.

Minnesota Vikings

Anthony Barr has signed his contract with the team and Minnesota will be home of Super Bowl LII. Great news for the team’s nearly 1.7 million Facebook fans.

New England Patriots

With a whopping 5 million Facebook fans and counting, the Patriots inducted Ty Law into the team’s Hall of Fame while Julian Edelman celebrated a recent birthday.

New Orleans Saints

New Orleans inducted Aaron Brooks and John Carney into the Saint’s Hall of Fame and its 3.7 million fans couldn’t be happier.

New York Giants

The Giants and its 3.35 million Facebook fans are excited about picking up Odell Beckham, Jr. in the first round on top of safety Antrel Rolle being named one of the Top 100 players in the NFL for 2014.

New York Jets

The Jets have changed their cover photo to the 2014-2015 game schedule, so it’s safe to say they and their 1.7 million Facebook fans are more than ready for the regular season to start.

Oakland Raiders

Nearly 2.6 million Raiders Facebook fans welcome the 2014 Rookie Class to the Bay Area and are excited to see what they can being to the Oakland program.

Philadelphia Eagles

The 2014 Rookie Class gets on the bus for their tour and subsequent OTAs. 2.6 million Eagles fans were also treated to old-school photos of the infamous Concrete Charlie hit that shook the world.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Rookie minicamps kick off while Troy Polamalu and 5.6 million Steelers fans gear up to kick off the upcoming regular season.

Saint Louis Rams

Over half a million Rams fans wait patiently to see what the incoming 2014 Rookie Class will bring to the table on both offense and defense for the regular season.

San Diego Chargers

The Chargers sign Jerry Attaochu to a four-year contract while he and the rest of the rookies get ready to treat 1.5 million Facebook fans and more to an exciting regular season.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers and their 3.2 million Facebook fans got to see first-round draft pick Jimmie Ward sign his first pro contract and also learn a thing or two about Levi Stadium.

Seattle Seahawks

Twelve new rookies join the Seahawks roster for the 2014-2015 season and give Seattle’s 2.2 million Facebook fans something to talk about going into training and the regular season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Rookie and seasoned Bucs players alike shoot new promo videos for the upcoming season and treat 750,000 Tampa Bay Facebook fans to photos from the Draft.

Tennessee Titans

Avery Williamson and Zach Mettenberger locked in their contract terms for the year and 720,000 Titans fans didn’t complain one bit as the Titans Cheerleaders volunteered their time at area schools.

Washington Redskins

1.5 million Redskins fans welcomed the 2014 Rookie Class with open arms while still speculating the overall health level of RG3.

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